José Silva

Software Engineer & Team Manager

Pressure is not a stranger to anyone used to managing big teams in critical environments. In these scenarios, José is your man. His assertiveness and calm nature are the perfect anecdote in crisis scenarios. Being a Software Engineer by nature allows him to get right in the trenches with the team. There is no better way to earn the respect of your peers.

Pedro Carvalho

Software Engineer & Wanna-be Designer

Pedro sits in a very particular space between software and design. When he is not coming up with ideas he is taking charge and getting stuff done, relying heavily on hits guts and instincts. Always up for a challenge, he usually leads every internal product development.

Luís Braga

Software Engineer

Pragmatic is the word that best defines Luís. He strikes the best balance between geekery and personal life. Work gets done and at the end of the day, Luís make sure it does and learns and contributes a ton in the process! Also known as the white Hulk, he does get angry when something does meet quality standards.


We believe that, in order to achieve our client's goals, we need to be able to have a fast and flexible response to change. Clients need to review their requirements periodically and we make sure that our solutions follow an incremental development cycle.

We take special care on reporting our development progress carefully and clearly. Each development cycle is discussed between the team and the client, in order to come up with three key components of our plan.

  • Project milestones: decompose requirements, analyze user stories and define our goals for each cycle.
  • Change management plan: an easy way to report changes and review requirements.
  • Progress reporting: a concise and pragmatic way of showing project results, with a special focus on avoiding unnecessary meetings.

Filipe Regadas

Software Engineer

A very technical developer, Filipe has a niche for optimization and performance. For that reason alone he gained the title of architecture specialist. There is always some new tool worth tinkering with; learning is definitely his drive.

José Vilas Boas

Software Engineer

To make the best of José give him an algorithmic challenge! He is known to be a human calculator. José is the most cheerful person you can ever meet, always polite and ready to help.


We understand time is our clients most valuable asset, it is ours as well. That is why we like to go straight to what matters. The faster we understand your needs and constraints, the faster we can get the team to work past them. Developing software is rarely static and predictable; by keeping interactions close and personal with our clients, we are able to work through any issue that may arise.

Rúben Fonseca

Software Engineer

Back in college Rúben was the geekiest of themall, some things never change. He is the best go to person, with an amazing capacity to make even the most complex seem simple. Rúben takes on work at a rate unmatched by most. He is a one-in-a-million developer.